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In the past few years marketing efforts that companies have to take has significantly changed. The reason of this fact is that with the advencement of technology, buying habits and preferences of customers has changed. Not so long ago, their opinion about the product was created mostly by commercials. This area was dominated by large companies with huge budget for advertising campaigns. Along with the popularization of the Internet and the increasing popularity of social media, outbound marketing is no longer a dominant factor that encourage the customer to buy the product. The reason of this change is the fact that thanks to the Internet, potential customers can find a company or product by themselves and find out what other users think about it. The answer to these changes is to use the Inbound Marketing, which implies that you have to allow the potential users to find your company in the Internet by themselves in order to increase your sale. To achieve this goal, you must carry out marketing activities such as:


It’s a strategy that involves attracting potencial customers by publishing an interesting and original content in the Internet, dedicated to a strictly defined group of customers interested in particular trade or topic. It is important that the content was interesting and concise. Examples of such forms include articles, video, podcasts, webinars, infographics, reports and e-books. If published content is original and important, people begin to consider it as worth publishing and sharing, therefore its gaining popularity and results from organic search are getting better.


The presence in social media allows us to construct or change the image of the company and its products as well as maintain a permanent interaction with customers and promoters of the brand. These actions are relatively inexpensive, so that even small businesses can enter the market and gain engagement and loyalty of potential customers. It is also a great way to distribute content created as part of the Content Marketing.


To our website has been noticed, it is very important that it is as high as possible in search results. To achieve this goal we have to use proper key words and gain as many links leading to it as possible.

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Activities related to the Inbound Marketing will never bring results right away, but if we are consistent, after a few weeks you can see the first results of work, and they bring many benefits:


Most of the people are searching the informations through the Internet before making a purchase. With the consistent conduct of the activities mentioned above, the potential customer can easily find us and get the opinions of other users on the product or service.


After finding the company’s website, consumers usually looking ahead and take note of different brands. With Content Marketing leads often goes to our side, because it includes information that interest them, so we gain with this opportunity to educate them. Because of this fact the potential customer makes purchase decision while keeping contact with our brand.


Skillfully conducted Inbound Marketing are causing that our website is hitting by people initially interested in your product or service. We have the ability to create content that is available only after filling contact information so that we gain new leads. They are much better quality than those ‘accidental’ because we know that these are people initially interested in your product or service.


The great advantage of Inbound Marketing and one of the reasons that it is becoming increasingly popular is that this is a very effective and relatively inexpensive method. It allows both to promote the brand on the Internet, as well as to attract new customers. As a result, small and medium-sized enterprises can effectively compete with large corporations that spend great amounts of money on advertising campaigns.


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