„The best marketers are using both inbound marketing and marketing automation together, and they are getting great returns.” - Greg Head, CMO of InfusionSoft

14 May 2016 Tomasz Kowalczyk Leave a comment marketing automation

When transferring your marketing efforts to the Internet, it’s worth to remember that Inbound and Outbound Marketing are not the comprehensive solution. To fully exploit the potential od digital marketing and gain more clients, you have to make sure that lead are being carried by the sales funnel. Therefore, it is important to Inbound and Outband Marketing is not seen as an overall marketing strategy, but as the components. The other one, equally important part is Marketing Automation – marketing concept supported by information systems, which was created to automate and upgrade marketing and sales activities. Marketing Automation allows to succesfuly convert leads into customers with such functionalities as:


With this functionality we can identify the visitors of the website and analyze their behavior. Moreover, it allows to generate contact forms that appears in the right time and place, so we can gather a contact data (as e-mail or phone number) of each lead.


Scoring allows to assign a determined number of points for each lead’s activity related with the company, such as: entering the website, opening an e-mail or visiting the store. Thanks to this we can measure their involvement and then take adequate actions.


Marketing Automation allows to group all the prospects to send them the accurate e-mails. Leads can be grouped by behavioral data, transactional data, but also age, sex or location.


Lead Nurturing is a marketing program that prepares prospects to make a purchase by giving them (via email) interesting information (like reports, newsletters and special offers). Thanks to automation rules, the message is fitted to each lead, sent in the best time and same far more effective than ordinary e-mail marketing.

By combining techniques of Inbound Marketing, Outband Marketing and Marketing Automation, we get synergy effect. Thanks to the on-line activity we can gather high-quality sales leads. Then we educate potential clients, know their needs and finally provide a unique, personalized offer which leads the customer to purchase. The combination of Inbound- and Outband Marketing and Marketing Automation is a comprehensive strategy of Digital Marketing and allows the marketing department to maximize their actions related to the acquisition of leads with a better conversion into customers while minimizing costs at the same time.


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