„The best marketers are using both inbound marketing and marketing automation together, and they are getting great returns.” - Greg Head, CMO of InfusionSoft

14 May 2016 Tomasz Kowalczyk Leave a comment outbound marketing

The Inbound Marketing activities are a great way to gain popularity in the Internet, however it never works immediately.  You can accelerate your efforts by using Outband Marketing techniques that allows to generate leads in short time.


Pay Per Click is an internet advertising model used to direct user to a website or landing page of a particular product or service. Before running an advertising campaign, it’s very important to wisely choose relevant keywords that will direct leads to our website. Thanks to this, after typing the chosen keywords, the user will see the link to our page labeled as “sponsored link” in the first search results. It can be launched very quickly (even within an hour), so you don’t have to wait for effects for such a long time like in case of Inbound Marketing.

Even if you won’t get a satisfactory rate of clicks, you can build brand awareness and Google’s robots will put you up in the search results, so it’s also a good way to support SEO efforts.


The main objectives of e-mail marketing is encouraging the customer to make a purchase (by sending an information about special offers, newsletters etc) and creating a brand awareness and consumer’s loyalty. Even though the efficiency of email marketing could be better, it’s still one of the most popular and effective methods of reaching the customer.

The outband marketing is often pejoratively determined as “interruption marketing”, but when it’s used wisely and sparingly,  it can be very effective. The best method is to use both inbound and outband marketing techniques to reach a great results.


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